The Mad Ramblings of a Sea Dragon!

A Second Header!

Forgive me, I’ve never used one of these before so its a new exciting time for all of us. ^^;

Who am I?

My name is Veladynee, or Vela for short! I’ve been dealing with trying to figure out both who I am, and who I was, for many years at this point. Hell, I’ve still got a long ways to go on that journey, both sides of it, and I’m almost 28 years into the whole mess of life!

As for a bit of an idea on /who/ I was, or in a way still am . . .


Done by Shad_noise on FA! Check them out ^^

I’m a blue sea dragon from who knows when or where! I’ve never been able to quite figure that out, and that’s okay. One of the most important realizations about ‘kin stuff is you won’t know everything. In fact, you probably won’t know most things, and that is okay!

Discovery is something that we will be doing through our whole lives. Just remember, it is important to admit to yourself you don’t know something, instead of inventing something to fill that void! Not knowing is honest, and that lets us be ourselves!

So what’s this blog about?

This blog will be mainly focused on my own personal experiences relating to Otherkin, from general thoughts to more specifics about what I’ve learned over time. My goal is to explain my experiences and in turn hopefully help guide those who are unsure or still discovering themselves on the right path to learning!

Learning who you are, or in my case were, is an important part of self-identifying. It is my personal opinion that the more we share about our own journeys, the more tools we can give to those just starting down their own path.


I hope this blog is useful to those who stumble upon it, and I’ll be updating it with content as I think of it. ^^



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