Forgiving Yourself – A Mini Blog

This is a mini post on the blog, again more personal and I feel it might be helpful to not just ‘kin but those in general. The topic is forgiveness, of not just others but the most important individual – yourself.


You is an important person, and one of the hardest people to apologize for. As in art where we are our own worst critic, often times we have a lot of pressure when it comes to talking or interacting with us, we, me. Reading this I realize how weird the sentence sounds, but bear with me for a moment. A conversation with yourself should be treated in much the same way as you’d be talking with one of your closest friends, because you are that. And you are the person you have to live with every day.


It took me a long time to come to yesterday, where in my own life things seemed pretty grim until I had that realization. That moment of clarity – That the reason I was having so many issues with my own past and stupid shit I had done is because I did nothing but relive them over and over. We all make mistakes, we all, to put it crudely, fuck up royally at some point and hurt others and ourselves in the process. Its just part of being… well. Human. Dragon. Whatever else we might be.


So when you feel down, when you keep reliving the same moments over and over in an endless spiral remember: just approach yourself and say sorry, its okay.


I forgive you.


Hopefully this mini entry helps someone in need of a little advice, a little light in what can be a quite dark night. ^^

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