Change – Mini Blog

Noun – the act or instance of making or becoming different.


Change is an interesting thing when it comes to people. Every day, through every experience, we are changing. This is from our perspective to how our bodies are aging, to every single little action that happens to us or around us: we are always in a constant state of change. Yet at the same time, through all of this, we can sometimes stay the same. What I’m on about here isn’t going to touch on ‘kin, or metaphysical, or anything of that nature but something born out of a personal discovery and personal development.

One of the biggest changes we can make to ourselves is self-improvement. This is a form of change that, unlike the constant change around us, is focused and forced. It is a decision to alter something about us in our personality and behavior… and it isn’t easy. Many times we think we’ve made changes but all we’ve done is just invent a new ‘personality’ that we try to apply on-top of all of our existing flaws. It can come off as forced, unreal, fake. It also makes people very uncomfortable in the same way the uncanny valley does.

When we try to change for the better, focusing on a particular aspect like our views or even personal happiness we tend to focus on the symptoms that crop up in day to day life. We don’t address the actual root cause, we apply a bandage over it instead of treating the broken limb. We lie to the world around us by lying to ourselves and it leads to destructive behavior to both those around us and ourselves.

We have to find the core cause of the issues we want to fix. We have to address them directly instead of trying to push them away. It requires confrontation of parts of our self we usually shy away from. And it is not easy. But unless we do treat it, anything we present will never be us but only yet another mask.

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