Being a “Good Person” Part 2, the Myth

It took me a long while to figure this one out, answering the “How” to be a good person, not just what one is… It’s a logical fallacy and an impossible goal.

The discovery is that you can never be a “Good” person, it is a goal that cannot ever be met because its too specific and is open to interpretation. You will always have people who see you as not a good person and that it is impossible to ever make everyone like you, see you as good. Good can be stated in specific actions that matter… but the secret is not to set the goal of being a good person. The goal is to be a “Better” person.


I could talk more on this, but I have included a TED talk that I feel does a better job explaining than I could ever hope to. This talk has helped me further with this discovery and I feel is important for everyone to see.




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