Spirituality and Beliefs

My name is Veladynee and I am a dragon.

… Or that word’s the closest approximation anyway. By that I mean that I am Otherkin and have been aware of that fact for the majority of my life.

But what is Otherkin?

For me, Otherkin is just a state of being. I believe that I had a past life and still see my soul and myself in general as a dragon. Now this doesn’t mean I also don’t acknowledge that physically I am a human, as are most of us (I can’t say all, there could be others who physically aren’t reading this! ^^) and I accept that. Being a dragon simply gives me a different perspective on the world around me and leaves me very centered both spiritually and mentally.

Otherkin itself can mean many different things to different people however. Some people identify strongly, with a spiritual connection, to a species other than themselves (for me this includes gryphons to an extent). Others have a guide that they identify with, or even some just feel their soul is not human but can’t place it. It can come in many different forms but I can only truly speak from the perspectives I personally know. However, all flavors to me are equally worth exploring within yourself if you feel you might be! Understanding oneself, kin or not, is part of a healthy life. ^^


The content linked on this page will just be my explorations into my own spirituality and other beliefs as well as maybe a few helpful hints for successful meditation. Hints that I hope, whether you are kin or not, might be useful for general self exploration!